Safety in Toronto public transit

TTC Streetcar at night

The reality is people all-too-often still feel they need to put up with abuse or general disrespect in public situations out of politeness.   And while not exclusive, this is particularly true for women.

Enter Yumee:
‘It’s not an easy time to be a woman. Last week a large, older (and likely drunk) guy approached me at a downtown streetcar [Toronto TTC] stop in broad daylight and started laying on the charm.

When I politely declined to engage with him, he followed me onto a streetcar and got into my personal space, touching me on the upper body. I’m happy to say the training I received at WingTsun Toronto during my first month of classes overrode my reluctance to cause a scene and I leapt away from him with hands shielding face and body and I hollered, “don’t touch me! Leave me alone!”

I moved to another part of the streetcar, kept my eyes on him and got off at the next stop. I must say, it felt good to be that proactive and I look forward to continuing my studies with Si-Fu Asad.’


I was looking for a form of self defense that didn’t require brute strength.  That didn’t require brawn and heft.  And I’ve heard that Wing Tsun was designed by a woman.
And what I love most about Wing Tsun is… through the practice that we do, we systematically train… to overcome my reflex action – which is probably to run away – or to freeze, or to go into sort of a not-useful-state.
Here we’re training over and over again, so that my response is appropriate and it’s effective.  And I think that all women should do this…